Boulder Kitchen

This is one of our most recent DIY kitchen projects:

(Thanks for the photos, Magda!)


San Mateo Kitchen

Click for better looking images!

(Many thanks to Joe and Sarah for providing these wonderful photos of their new Kerf kitchen!)

Kerf + Eichler = Love!


Furniture for sale

We just submitted our ad material for the upcoming issue of Atomic Ranch Magazine. In doing so we finally committed ourselves to selling some standard furniture again. It's been a while since We've been down this road, but I think we have some things that we've developed that are too good not to share. Our first offering will be this chair, named after the restaurant we designed it for, the Poppy Chair. It will be selling for $375. We aren't quite set up for a production run yet, but we can start taking advance orders for Thanksgiving.


Perriand style shelves

A new bookcase for an old client in New York. Inspired by the classic Charlotte Perriand Design.


Quitting Time

Seattle set a new record, 102 degrees in Ballard this afternoon. It's only 90 in the shop, but that's too hot to build cabinets.



We decided to try out PODS to ship some cabinets down to California. It makes a lot of sense: it's economical, we don't have to build crates, the crates don't end up in a landfill, and our customers can keep it on site and take their time unloading. This kitchen is headed down to it's new home in a San Mateo Eichler house.


Kid's desk

Just installed this morning. It's a wall mounted writing desk with a bookcase return, hanging next to a dresser we made for the same client a few years back.

Been Busy

The blog may have been quiet in June, but we've been busy. Especially busy with the addition of a new baby to our family. Willca was born June 15th. So if I blew something off in the last month it wasn't intentional. As I said, things have been busy.


Entry Cabinet

We build a fair amount of this type of thing. Everyone needs a place to hang their coat and put a couple pairs of shoes away when they come in the front door. Also, drawers for keys and other pocket stuff, storage for hats, gloves, bags, leashes...


Hairpin Legs!

I can't tell you how long I've needed this resource. A customer asked for a desk using these "three-rod" legs. I have a feeling we'll be using them more in the future. hairpinlegs.com


Simple desk

Here's a very simple desktop we did for a local graphic designer. Walnut top, one drawer, a little hole for wires. What more could you need?


Windows in!

We've been having fun setting up our show room, this week Nate installed the windows. I love that they're asymmetrical (in keeping with the Kerf aesthetic):

And our new "stove" is in too! It's not very often that I get to draw graphics onto our cabinetry, so this was a special little project for me:

(Forgive me for the poor quality of these images, I took them from my phone.)

I think we're going to put our microwave behind those stove doors. How funny would that be? And not that I'm going to be drinking on the job or anything, but I might just buy a bottle of wine or two to put in the rack.

Our shop and showroom are always open to the public. Just stop by, we'll be happy to show you around! (206)954-8677.


We recently installed this vanity, I liked the end result.

The kitchen in this place was pretty cool. I loved the built in stools shown here.