We have updated our site, and from now on all of our new blog content will be updated there. Farewell Blogger, you have served us well.

Kerf Design


Dutch Bike Progress

Here are some installation photos from the Dutch Bike Company installation we have been working on. The new shop will be open in a few weeks!


ICFF Special!

Hi Folks. As many of you know we will be showing a booth off at the upcoming International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). We're super excited and we will be showcasing some new details that we have been developing.

But here's the other thing: We have to build this booth and ship it out to NYC, but we don't really need it after the show. So if anyone is interested in getting a genuine Kerf kitchen and bookcases, we have a GREAT deal for you. The other good part is if you live in New York the shipping will already be paid.

Here are the details:

102" of kitchen lowers and uppers with a 33" sink cabinet, a pull out table, a single garbage pull out and a cookie sheet storage cabinet. The bookcases are 43" and 45.25" wide and 90" tall. Our price for the complete set is $7850, essentially a 50% discount. Local delivery will add some to that number, or shipping if you live outside of the area. Email nathan@kerfdesign if you are interested and want more info.


Garage Sale!

An old customer, Suzanne Zahr, is moving her architecture office and will no longer need the desks we built for her. each desk was built 24" wide x 84" long, and each has a 36" square return at one end for spreading out plans and storing rolled plans inside. Sadly (for you) the upper cabinets and chairs are leaving with her, so it's just the desks and returns:

Asking price is $1800 for the whole set. You can contact Suzanne directly at zds@zdsarchitects.com


DIY customer photos

Stephanie from five dot design build sent some photos of a recent DIY project they built for a client.


Today's delivery

We just got back from installing this A/V cabinet.


Play Table

We made this little play table for an auction at my daughter's preschool. It's 36" x 36" x 18" tall, and we are pricing it at $400 if anyone is interested. It breaks down into flat parts for easy storage and has a laminate surfaced top and lower shelf. All the corners are rounded over to make it a little easier on little skulls knocking into it.


Kerf Beds

Our latest bed design:

Twin: $1100
Queen: $1400
King: $1500


Walnut and Marble

I really like this one. The walnut and the marble and the mirror and the concrete floor...It's perfect.


Open Studio

Please visit our shop this Saturday for our first open house. We have scheduled it to coincide with the second Mobile Chowdown, so stop in, grab a bite from your favorite food truck, and take a look around our shop and brand new showroom. We will be showing off some new furniture and giving a sneak peek at some lighting prototypes.

3635 Thorndyke ave W, Unit A, Seattle, WA 98119