ICFF Special!

Hi Folks. As many of you know we will be showing a booth off at the upcoming International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). We're super excited and we will be showcasing some new details that we have been developing.

But here's the other thing: We have to build this booth and ship it out to NYC, but we don't really need it after the show. So if anyone is interested in getting a genuine Kerf kitchen and bookcases, we have a GREAT deal for you. The other good part is if you live in New York the shipping will already be paid.

Here are the details:

102" of kitchen lowers and uppers with a 33" sink cabinet, a pull out table, a single garbage pull out and a cookie sheet storage cabinet. The bookcases are 43" and 45.25" wide and 90" tall. Our price for the complete set is $7850, essentially a 50% discount. Local delivery will add some to that number, or shipping if you live outside of the area. Email nathan@kerfdesign if you are interested and want more info.

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